Tesla China Celebrates Grand Opening of Giant Delivery & Service Center in Chengdu Longquan as Company Prepares for Huge Growth

Tesla is actively expanding in China as the demand for the company’s cars continues to grow steadily. Tesla China is increasing the number of cities it serves by opening new experience centers and charging stations. Tesla’s huge new delivery center in Chengdu inaugurated today to create a complete service system.

The new Delivery Center is designed to deliver hundreds of vehicles every day, which well-reflects the true demand for Tesla in China. The company is increasing the number of sales and service centers, with a focus on areas that have not been developed or are under-developed.

Giga Shanghai has increased its production capacity, and now produces Model 3 not only for the Chinese market but also for export. And, beyond Model 3, the factory will very soon begin mass production of Model Y, so the construction of huge delivery centers is a necessity. In addition to the models existing in the Chinese market today, they will have to accommodate not only Model Y but also a compact car, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised to present within 3 years.

One of the compact models will be developed by Chinese designers in order to fully meet the specific needs of the local market, so its success will likely be even more stunning than we have seen with other Tesla models.