Tesla China VP: Giga Shanghai Will Start Model Y Production & Sales in 1H 2021 & Construction of Supercharger Plant Has Begun

Tesla’s Fremont factory is the only one in the world to produce the coveted Model Y, and sales of the electric SUV are currently only available to North Americans. That is why many people are eagerly awaiting the start of its production at Giga Shanghai. And now, there is official information on when this car will be available.

This morning, during an online communication event held by Tesla, the company’s vice president in China, Grace Tao, said the Chinese-made Model Y will enter mass production and sales in the first half of next year.

In addition, Tao revealed some details about the factory for Supercharger stall production. She confirmed the rumors that surfaced a few days ago, and said that the construction of the factory has already begun. Production is scheduled to start in Q1 of 2021 with an initial production capacity of 10,000 Superchargers per year, mainly of the latest V3 variety.

Tao also delivered exciting news for electric vehicle owners in China. Currently, Tesla charging stations can only charge Tesla vehicles, but the company does not rule out the possibility of opening them to other brands of electric vehicles in the future. However, opening charging stations to others depends on the vehicles that Tesla’s charging stations will use. They will have to undergo a Tesla tech review for safety and charging.

The implementation of this does not have a specific timeframe. Right now, the company is sharply focused on meeting the needs of Tesla’s own customers, since the demand for its cars is constantly growing. Tao said the Superchargers would be open to others, “when the time is right.” In the future, as charging times shorten and efficiency improves, charging stations will have more capacity to support charging other brands of vehicles.