Tesla Is Best-Selling EV Maker Globally in October & Year-to-Date, Model 3 Sales Dominate & Model Y on the Rise

Tesla continues to outshine in the EV sales market, once again becoming the world’s best-selling EV brand. Model 3 extends its wide appeal with consumers, making it the best-selling electric vehicle on the globe.

The plug-in vehicle market continues to grow, reaching 342,000 units. Plug-in registrations grew 127%, the highest monthly growth rate in over eight years, according to ev-sales.blog. The BEV/PHEV ratio is 68% to 32%, respectively.

Tesla Model 3 again becomes the top seller in October, selling 22,755 units. In second place is the Chinese Wuling Mini EV with 20,631 registrations. Tesla Model Y continues to shine with robust sales of 10,602 units. The recently started deliveries of the belated Volkswagen ID.3 led to high numbers and the model came in 4th place with 10,584 units. Renault Zoe closes out the top five with 9,987 registrations.

Source: ev-sales.blog

Looking at the overall sales results by model in 2020, we see that Tesla Model 3 remains untouchable, selling 3.5 times more vehicles than its closest competitor. In 2020, 260,927 Model 3 were registered. Renault Zoe ranks second with 74,124 sales. The Wuling Mini EV is in third place with 52,672 registrations. Tesla Model Y, which is only sold in North America, came in fourth place with 52,294 units sold. Hyundai Kona EV closes out the top five with 45,693 registrations.

Source: ev-sales.blog

Thanks to the astounding success of Model 3 and the growing sales of Model Y, Tesla is ranked first in the overall EV manufacturer ranking, selling 35,968 vehicles in October, and 352,792 so far in 2020, which accounts for 17% of the global EV market.