Tesla launches new Solar Price Match Guarantee on solar panel systems

By Joey Klender

Tesla has added a price match guarantee to its Solar program that will match quotes on a comparable solar system from a competing brand.

In an update to the company’s Solar Panel support page, Tesla notes its eligibility requirements for the new Solar price match guarantee. The competing solar system must include an inverter, be of the same size or bigger than the Tesla system, and offer a minimum 10-year warranty.

The price quote from the competitor must also be dated within 14 days of placing the order with Tesla and utilize the same financing options. The quote must also include permit and installation costs from the competitor.

Tesla offers the following sizes for its solar system:

  • Small – 3.78 kW
    • Produces an average of 14-19 kWh per day
  • Medium – 7.56 kW
    • Produces an average of 29-39 kWh per day
  • Large – 11.34 kW
    • Produces an average of 43-58 kWh per day
  • X-Large – 15.12 kW
    • Produces an average of 58-77 kWh per day

Original: https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-solar-price-match-guarantee/