Tesla MIC Model 3 From Giga Shanghai Has Arrived in Europe, A Win-Win for Eager Customers & Company’s Ongoing Growth

The first shipment of the China-made Model 3 has arrived in Europe. The TOSCANA ship delivered about half of the 7,000 vehicles to the port of Zeebrugge. The second ship – Tannhauser, which will carry the rest of the vehicle, will arrive later.

In October, it became known that the made-in-China Model 3 would be exported to Europe. Tesla’s electric vehicles from Giga Shanghai will be sold in more than ten European countries, including Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and France.

Tesla Vice President China, Grace Tao, has officially confirmed that the Model 3 arriving in Europe is the refreshed version of the standard range battery, which matches the models produced for the Chinese market. At the moment, all indications are that Giga Shanghai continues to produce–and will continue to supply–the Chinese Model 3 Standard Range + to the European market.

Manufacturing Model 3 in China has a number of important advantages that enhance Tesla’s ability to develop even more rapidly:

  • Manufacturing vehicles for export to Giga Shanghai will significantly reduce production pressure at the California plant (Fremont), allowing it to fully meet the needs of the North American market.
  • The location of Giga Shanghai is ideal for export.
  • Manufacturing in China is less costly, as the cost of labor in the country is much lower and there are no unions, which contribute to higher profits.
  • Logistically beneficial.
  • China is a country where “world production” has high productivity; a major manufacturing hub.