Camouflaged Tesla Spotted At Hawthorne Design Studio

Tesla has been teasing us lately with both a new model and updated older models. And now, there is even more mystery from the company. An unidentified Tesla model in camouflage wrap was spotted outside the Hawthorne Design Studio.

A couple hours ago, @teslaphotografr/Twitter noticed an unusual load on the truck carrying Teslas. In addition to the well-known models of the company, a camouflaged car was spotted.

Since there was not enough time to carefully examine it, and the shooting angle was not the best, it remains unclear what kind of model it was. At first glance, it seemed that it was Model Y. In the front of the car, a license plate holder was installed, which is more similar in size to a European one, although it is difficult to say for certain.

Tesla is soon to begin production of Model Y using parts manufactured by Giga Press. As such, it is a possibility that the cars may have some external differences, which perhaps the company wishes to hide until an official announcement. Only one thing is clear: Tesla will soon present something very interesting to the general public.