Check Out This Tesla Minivan: A Badge-Engineered Chrysler Pacifica

As far as renderings go, this one is pretty lazy, but it does make us wonder if Tesla ought to make a minivan of its own.

Despite the fact that SUVs are super popular right now as family movers, the best way to transport yourself and your loved ones around is still a minivan. These are vehicles designed specifically for this purpose and they are better than SUVs at pretty much everything except going off-road.

Tesla currently doesn’t make a minivan, but it does sell two sizes of SUV. Sure, both of these high-riding Teslas are fairly practical and good at transporting humans in relative comfort, but they still can’t compare to a cavernous minivan.

We recently posted a rendering of a Tesla minivan idea, a model that looked like a stretched Model X with a roofline that doesn’t dip and eat into headroom. It also had that all-important minivan feature, sliding doors, whose usefulness cannot be understated – you can open them in tight spaces and when your kids rush out of the vehicle, they won’t bang the doors straight into another car’s fender.

Now we found a new rendering of a Tesla minivan, although it’s not really as good or believable as the first one. Why? Well, it’s just a Chrysler Pacifica with Tesla fascias pasted on, so it doesn’t look very believable. However, unlike the first rendering, which was just a longer Model X SUV with a different roof and no falcon wing doors, this one is an actual MPV.

Source: insideevs


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