Nearly 600,000 green energy jobs lost in March and April

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The green energy sector has lost nearly 600,000 jobs in March and April, according to a report by BW Research Partnership. That’s 17% of the sector’s workforce. This is of course a result of stay-at-home orders due to the pandemic, which halts both production and residential and commercial installation.

Lost green energy jobs

BW Research expects 850,000 job losses by the end of June. That’s about 25% of all clean energy jobs. The clean energy industry employed more than 3.4 million Americans last year — triple the number of people employed in the fossil fuel industry.

The nearly 600,000 jobs lost to date is more than double the number the sector has created since 2017, the report said, so it’s a big blow.

However, it’s not hopeless. (For example, just look at Poland above, and the fact that the US’ largest solar farm has just been approved.)

Ravi Manghani, global head of solar at Wood Mackenzie, a research and consulting company based in the UK, said of the sector’s outlook:

It might lose the edge a teeny bit, but for the most part it’s still going to be an economically viable proposition.



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