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Tesla’s $25K car in China draws closer with Supercharger facility’s Q1 deployment

A recent report from the state-run Xinhua News Agency has indicated that Tesla China’s dedicated Supercharger facility will feature an integrated R&D center. The facility, which will initially be producing about 10,000… Read more »

Tesla China Brings 27 Mostly V3 Supercharging Stations (219 stalls) Online in Last 24 Hours as Demand Soars

Tesla continues to expand its Supercharger network in China with more and more charging stations to further enhance the company’s car ownership experience. The rate of installation of Superchargers has… Read more »

Tesla China VP: Giga Shanghai Will Start Model Y Production & Sales in 1H 2021 & Construction of Supercharger Plant Has Begun

Tesla’s Fremont factory is the only one in the world to produce the coveted Model Y, and sales of the electric SUV are currently only available to North Americans. That… Read more »

Tesla China Demand Continues to Skyrocket, So Battery Partner LG Chem Will Double Production Capacity

LG Chem plans to more than double its battery cell production capacity in China in 2021 in order to meet Tesla’s growing demand, sources told Reuters. In addition to supplying battery cells to Giga Shanghai,… Read more »

Tesla China Celebrates Grand Opening of Giant Delivery & Service Center in Chengdu Longquan as Company Prepares for Huge Growth

Tesla is actively expanding in China as the demand for the company’s cars continues to grow steadily. Tesla China is increasing the number of cities it serves by opening new… Read more »

Tesla China July NEV Production Surpasses SGMW & BYD, Model 3 > 2nd 3rd & 4th Places Combined

On August 10th 2020, Tesla Model 3 from Giga Shanghai became no.1 production (NEV) in the month of July 2020 in China. Data was provided by GGII. BY MODEL: 1 Tesla Model 3… Read more »