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Tesla Giga Shanghai Opens National Recruitment Fair as Model Y Production Nears & Demand Intensifies

Tesla Giga Shanghai continues to increase production capacity to meet the demand for Model 3, not only in the Chinese market, but also in markets outside the country. This continued… Read more »

Tesla’s ‘New Leasing Experience’ hints at Model 3 and Model Y buyout options

When Tesla launched the Model 3’s leasing program, the company remarked that customers would not be allowed to buy out their vehicles at the end of their lease periods as… Read more »

Tesla receives green light to resume tree-clearing at the Giga Berlin complex

The Frankfurt (Oder) administrative court recently allowed Tesla to resume its tree-clearing activities at the Gigafactory Berlin complex, rejecting an urgent application from environmental organizations that called for a stop… Read more »

Tesla China Brings 27 Mostly V3 Supercharging Stations (219 stalls) Online in Last 24 Hours as Demand Soars

Tesla continues to expand its Supercharger network in China with more and more charging stations to further enhance the company’s car ownership experience. The rate of installation of Superchargers has… Read more »

Tesla TSLA Tokenized Shares Can Now Be Purchased on Crypto Exchanges with Bitcoin BTC, Etc

Cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity, which is drawing interest even from the skeptics. And now, cryptocurrency exchanges have started offering the option to buy tokenized shares like Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA).Cryptocurrency exchange… Read more »

Tesla Navigation Waypoints are just around the corner after adamant requests to Elon Musk

Tesla Navigation waypoints appear to be “en route” only months after Elon Musk finally conceded to drivers’ request for the feature. The not-so-undercover Tesla hacker @greentheonly recently discovered evidence hinting that waypoints… Read more »