Tesla Air Suspension Enhances Model S X Cybertruck Efficiency & Ride Quality, Will Sync Up with Full Self-Driving FSD

An air suspension is one whereby the function of damping is performed by air-inflated bellows. It allows the user to change the ground clearance for a more comfortable ride on a variety of roads and in different driving modes. Lately, Tesla has been placing particular emphasis on air suspension and damping, which will ultimately significantly enhance the driving satisfaction of its cars.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote that the company is now paying a lot of attention to the overall air suspension height and damping algorithm. He also wrote that they would be linked to FSD and automatically controlled by it.

The company pays so much attention to this issue for a reason. The ability to change the ride height is very important. This allows you to ride comfortably both off-road and on highways, where you need to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the car for smoother and faster movement. Better aerodynamics help make the car even more efficient without wasting energy to resist air currents/friction–or, in other words, by reducing drag.

Damping is an artificial suppression of oscillations of mechanical, electrical, and other systems. It can be carried out by increasing the damping, for which dampers are installed on the system, thus reducing the amplitude of oscillations in the system. This ensures stability and control of the vehicle in situations where the wheels repeatedly bounce off the road surface, such as hitting potholes, or even more minor road imperfections.

In addition to the fact that these functions will be improved for the existing Model Y and Model X, they are also being developed for Cybertruck, whose production will begin in 2021. Active ride height and the active damping of its suspension will be game-changing, especially because Cybertruck has such a high ratio of minimum to maximum weight.

The active ride height, which is dynamically adjusted to compensate for the difference in front and rear loads, is complemented by Cybertruck’s 16″ clearance, an approach angle of 35 degrees, and a departure angle of 28 degrees. These superb characteristics will help ensure optimal performance across a wide array of difficult tasks.

Impressively, the adaptive air suspension will be standard on all three Cybertruck versions–Single, Dual, and Tri-motor. This state-of-the-art suspension is designed to increase energy efficiency, and to ensure a smooth ride, even where the weight-to-load ratio is imbalanced.