Tesla Analyst From Morgan Stanley Values SpaceX At $50B, Eyes On Starlink

In the recently note from Morgan Stanley to investors, the company thinks SpaceX, (the sister company of Tesla Inc.) has a valuation close to $50 billion. 

“We are modeling for $10 billion to $15 billion from 2020-2025 for Starlink, with the potential for more from ground terminals, 30,000 additional satellites and replacement of satellites, and expenditures associated with Starship/hypersonic point-to -point transport and Mars/deep space exploration” analysts Armintas Sinkevicius, Adam Jonas, Simon Flannery and Matthew Sharpe wrote in the note.

According to CNBC, SpaceX’s recent $125 million funding round brought the company to a $36 billion valuation.

Source: tesmanian


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