Tesla Cybertruck Modifications Keep Coming Way Before 2021 Deliveries

Thought the original design was insane? Just wait.

Some say Tesla CEO Elon Musk has completely lost his mind. Others have doubled-down on past claims of his brilliance. Whatever the case really is, one thing remains for certain: Musk is a risk-taker. And sometimes taking risks results in phenomenal rewards. Or it can all come crashing down. The Tesla Cybertruck has been nothing but controversial since its debut late last month. The design alone is unlike anything before unless you count the world of “Blade Runner”.

The Cybertruck appears to be mostly production-ready, but we couldn’t but help notice the lack of side mirrors and windshield wipers. Along with its edgy styling (pun intended), the Cybertruck’s official reveal itself became an immediate topic of conversation. The window smashing demonstration didn’t go as planned, to say the least.

As of last week, more than 250,000 Cybertruck pre-orders have been placed. Only a $100 deposit gets you a spot in line, so clearly there are plenty of people out there who love what they see. But the styling is clearly not for everyone, and the internet has since responded. Over the past several days, we couldn’t help but notice the sheer abundance of Tesla Cybertruck renderings popping up. Heck, we also indulged with our own renderings.

The amount of creativity and, sometimes, mockery currently out there just has to be shared for all to see. The variations of the Cybertruck’s edge design theme are quite creative and we particularly dig the six-wheeler and hardcore off-roader lifted visions. Someone even came up with a Hoonigan-inspired rendering.



The chances Musk and crew will put any of these speculative design alternatives into production is practically zero; the Cybertruck itself is controversial enough. Still, the Cybertruck is a fearless display of design, technology, and ingenuity. It may not be for everybody and that’s just fine. But it also may prove some mainstream automakers are somewhat holding back design-wise. They’re probably capable of producing far more radical and progressive designs, but management won’t let them go all the way.

Tesla clearly works a bit differently.

Source: carbuzz

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