Tesla Giga Berlin Could Get Its Own Fire Department

The Tesla factory near Berlin is likely to have its own fire department, which is important for the plant, which will produce batteries.

According to RBB24, the Brandenburg Ministry of the Interior reported that Giga Berlin is likely to have its own fire department. This decision is not final and there is still a need for a more detailed consideration of it.

Tesla is going to produce batteries for electric vehicles at its factory in Germany. Their production is especially dangerous. In case of fire, it is difficult to extinguish them, so having a fire department in place can make the production process much safer. That is why Andreas Kupsch of the Brandenburg Fire Brigade Association believes that the fire brigade is likely to become part of the personnel at the Tesla factory in Grünheide.

Several standby shifts are possible. According to Kupsch, the fire department of the Tesla plant can employ between 24 and 30 people, so about 8 firefighters will always be ready at the plant. The exact size of the fire section of the plant also depends on which fire fighting equipment will be installed at the plant. Sprinkler systems and smoke openings also play an important role.

Source: tesmanian

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