Tesla Giga Shanghai China-Made Model Y Update, Aiming 250K Model 3 Yearly Production Capacity

As we are the first to report, Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai plans to hire additional 1000 workers on July 27th. It’s not hard to predict that the company is aiming to increase production output to meet the strong growing demand.

According to industry expert, the new Tesla Giga Shanghai phase 2 will use flexible production line for China-Made Model Y, different from the Model 3 production line in the phase 1. The biggest advantage of the flexible production line is able to fully occupy all the machine tools to maximize the production rate. At the same time, each technician can control multiple devices/machines simultaneously, which will tremendously reduce labor costs. Also rumor of trial production of the Model Y will start in late October.

From people familiar with the matter, Tesla Giga Shanghai is aiming to increase the Model 3 weekly production rate from 4,000 units to 5,000 unit.

“Yes, it’s the information from Tesla supply chains.”

Currently, Tesla Giga Shanghai has reached 200,000 units annually production rate. With the additional 1,000 units weekly, the annual production capacity of the Shanghai factory will increase to 250,000.

Source: tesmanian

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