Tesla Giga Shanghai Expansion On-going Plan

Tesla continues to improve its Giga Shanghai and plans to add three more industrial X-ray defect detection system. According to the documents, it is expected that the preparation of the building for this will begin in June and will be commissioned in September. 

Kelvin Yang / Twitter reported that he had identified the location of the new building, which will contain two more X-ray machines. Generally, to strengthen quality control of Giga Shanghai products, Tesla invested 12 million yuan to add three new metal probing X-ray machines, which will be used to identify defects and inspect auto parts. 

The project is being built in the existing area of ​​Gigafactory 3. After completion of the casting shop in the lower part of the building and the motor workshop in the casting workshop of the lower part of the building, two inspection rooms will be created. A new set of an industrial X-ray defect detection system was added to each of them. Equipment will also be installed in the motor workshop for an industrial X-ray CT system.

Source: Kelvin Yang / Twitter

Source: Jason Yang / YouTube

According to Tesla’s report, the project should begin in June this year, with a construction period of three months, and is expected to be put into operation in September this year. Investments in environmental protection amount to 600,000 yuan, which is 5% of the total investment in the project.

To increase the level of localization of the supply chain as early as possible, Giga Shanghai decided to build a new project to improve the production process of parts, add new production processes, such as power batteries, electric drive assemblies, and casting with the integration of the lower part of the body at the existing plant.

At the moment, continuous construction work is ongoing at the factory. The new production building for the assembly of the Model Y, as well as several small auxiliary buildings around, are developing rapidly, and Tesla is installing production equipment.

According to Jason Yang / YouTube, the new plant has entered the final stage, and its upper part is now protected from rain, and soon the outer wall should be completely closed. He also noted that the number of trucks transporting equipment has recently increased significantly.

In the meantime, parking lots for made-in-China Model 3s ones are almost empty. In the last days of the second quarter, all manufactured cars are actively delivered to customers and delivery centers.

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