Tesla Gigafactory Texas shows its crazy potential in size comparison with other Tesla factories

Tesla Gigafactory Texas in Austin has some crazy potential for growth based on the size of the land the automaker acquired, which is shown in this interesting new size comparison with other Tesla factories.

This new project is exciting for Tesla on many levels.

It is going to be the production site for Cybertruck and Tesla Semi, two new vehicle programs to hit the market next year for Tesla.

Also, it’s going to allow Tesla to tap into a new market for talent in Austin.

But one of the most exciting things about Gigafactory Texas is that it is Tesla’s biggest property to date and therefore, it leaves a lot of room for growth.

Tesla acquired 2,000 acres of land just 15 minutes from downtown Austin to build the new factory.

On Tesla’s last earnings conference call, CEO Elon Musk and president of Automotive Jerome Guillen both pointed out that it is Tesla’s biggest property.

Brandon Knoblauch produced an interesting chart showing the size of the land compared to Tesla’s other manufacturing locations:

Technically, Gigafactory Nevada is about as big, but a large part of that land to the east of the current factory includes some very difficult terrain that would be hard if not impossible to build on.

The new site offers more potential to grow with more manufacturing space, which Tesla is going to need since Musk confirmed that the automaker will produce four different vehicles at the site: Model 3, Model Y, Cybertruck, and Tesla Semi.

On top of the vehicle production, Musk surprised many last week when he said that Tesla Gigafactory Austin is also going to be an “ecological paradise” open to the public.

The CEO mentioned a boardwalk, hiking and biking trail, and more.

Tesla has already started construction work at the new site, and from what we heard, the automaker is planning to move fast.

Source: electrek

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