Tesla Has Cars in 2.22% of Norwegian Households & Model Y Sales Are Around the Corner

Tesla has reached another milestone in Norway. To date, the country has over 55,000 registered cars from the California-based manufacturer, which means that 2.22% of Norwegian households own a Tesla.

In 2019, electric cars burst onto Norwegian roads like never before. Tesla has a very active and interesting history in Norway. In 2019, the country’s residents were among the most active Tesla clients in the world. Among all electric vehicles on the Norwegian market, Tesla’s electric vehicles are the most popular due to a number of advantages.

There are currently over 21,000 Model S registered in Norway, almost 14,000 Model X, and over 20,000 Model 3, for a total of 55,043 vehicles, according to TeslaStats.

Norway is a small country with only about 2,475,168 private households. This means that 2.22% of Norwegian households own a Tesla. This is a very high percentage of ownership, which no other EV manufacturer can match.

Despite the fact that, in 2020, the general interest in Tesla cars was weaker than in 2019, the opening of orders for Model Y may again radically change the situation. SUVs and CUVs are much more popular among the population of Norway, as well as other northern countries. While the cost of the Model X is high, which has been a barrier to its popularity there, the cost of the Model Y is dramatically lower. Therefore, there is a very large market in Norway for Tesla to still further develop its presence.

Source tesmanian