Tesla Model 3 Joins Kennebunk Fire Department as the Command Vehicle

Tesla cars are becoming more and more popular for use as service vehicles. Police departments around the world have already started using Model S, Model X and Model 3 in the most challenging applications.

Several police departments in the US already have Model 3 as a service vehicle, but in the fire department fleet, this is a first. Kennebunk Fire Department in Maine bought Tesla Model 3 as a command vehicle, w2pcms reports.

The Long Range AWD Model 3 was purchased for $41,490 after receiving a $7,500 local incentive from Efficiency Maine. This price is only $2,169 more than a typical Chevy Tahoe command vehicle.

“This is a major step forward,” said Kennebunk Energy Efficiency Chair Sharon Staz as the Select Board approved the purchase.

Source: w2pcms

Fire Chief Jeff Rowe calculated he drives about 9,000 to 10,000 miles annually, spending about $1,500 a year on gas. He said the Tesla Model 3 is expected to increase the department’s electric bill by $30 a month—a savings of about $1,140 per year. Also, as the department goes greener, the car, which gets a five-star crash rating, is a perfect fit for this.

Model 3’s range, when fully charged, is 322 miles. Rowe said there are charging stations around the area, and a class 2 charger has been installed at the fire department, one of two awarded to the town through a grant by Efficiency Maine. The second will be installed at Washington Hose Company. He said he typically plugs the Tesla in when he arrives at work in the morning, and depending on how low on battery life it is, the charging is usually fully complete by noon. Chargers one typically uses at home take longer, and the ones found at turnpike service areas are faster, he said.

Source: w2pcms

The car is used by all employees of the fire department for travel for fire calls and inspections. It is also used as a command center to keep track of updates in areas of fire. The trunk and front panel are equipped with special equipment to this effect.

The Kennebunk Fire Department Tesla Model 3 is believed to be the first car purchased by the US Fire Department. But in 2018, two Tesla Model S already entered service in a private fire department in Lviv, Ukraine.

Original Source: tesmanian