Tesla Model S 3 X Y Cybertruck & Roadster are Most Watched EVs Videos on YouTube

Tesla cars are gaining more and more popularity every day in new corners of the world. The company is simultaneously developing production in three parts of the world—America, Europe, and Asia—in an effort to meet robust demand. The growing popularity of the company’s cars is reflected in surveys, Google searches, and YouTube search requests.

Lease Fetcher conducted a study that identified the most-watched EVs on YouTube. The company has compiled a list of every pure-electric vehicle ever produced. Then Lease Fetcher used Ahrefs SEO data to establish the primary keyword for each model.

Using data from the YouTube API, the company selected the 50 most-watched videos with an exact search term in the title (e.g. Audi E Tron, Tesla Model 3). After counting the number of views for each of the top 50 videos for each car model that has a search term in its name, the company sorted the car models by total views and entered the corresponding data into the graphics.

According to the study, all Tesla cars entered the Top 25. The first place was taken by the amazing Tesla Model S with 330 million search queries. It is immediately followed by the Tesla Model X with 255.9 million and then the legendary Tesla Cybertruck—whose production has not even begun—with 254.4 million searches. Apparently, as soon as the first customers receive their Cybertrucks and start sharing videos, the electric pickup truck will become the undisputed leader in YouTube search requests. Tesla Model 3 took fourth place with 171.9 million, fifth place was taken by Tesla Roadster with 131 million, and Tesla Model Y took 11th place with 49.2 million search requests.

Source: Lease Fetcher

All Tesla cars, whether in production or planned, are already at the top of search queries on YouTube among all existing EV models. Models from all other automakers are generating relatively modest interest. Moreover, the number of search queries for six Tesla models is almost twice the total number of all other EVs from the top 25.