Tesla (TSLA) is inching closer to historic delivery goal with a day to go

We have received more information about the critical North American market for Tesla (TSLA) as the automaker is inching closer to its historic delivery goal with only a day to go in the quarter.

Tesla’s Q4 2020 delivery goal

The truth is that we don’t really know what Tesla’s delivery goal is for the quarter.

We assume that it is around 181,000 deliveries in order to achieve 500,000 deliveries in 2020, which has been a long-term goal for Tesla.

CEO Elon Musk recently mentioned the goal as achievable in an email to employees obtained by Electrek last weekend, but the goal could be higher internally.

Tesla recently tightened up its internal information when it comes to delivery goals, and it is extremely fragmented per market in order to keep overall numbers secret.

However, we are getting a better idea of where Tesla is in relation to its goal.

Tesla is within 1,000 deliveries of its goal in North America

Sources familiar with the matter said today that Tesla is at roughly 1,000 units away from its goal in North America for the quarter.

The goal is presumably North America’s contribution to the target of 181,000 electric cars globally, but this is not confirmed.

With just over one day left in the quarter, the goal is achievable, but it is cutting it close.

Other markets are also obviously contributing to the goal, but North America is always critical at the end of the quarter since the transit times are shorter for vehicles coming out of Fremont factory.

Tesla is still delivering vehicles in Europe and Asia, but the focus is on getting cars out of Fremont factory to local markets.