Tesla updates Model Y and Model 3 delivery timeline after production restart

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Tesla has updated Model Y and Model 3 delivery timelines after restarting production at Fremont factory.

Right after starting production of its new electric SUV, Tesla had to shut down its factory due to the pandemic.

Just over a month and a half later, Tesla is slowly restarting production at Fremont factory – albeit in some controversy.

It will take a while for Tesla to get production back to its capacity prior to the shutdown and they also need their supply chain to be able to support their vehicle production.

However, we received reports that the factory is already producing a few hundred vehicles per day.

With new production finally starting to come out of the plant, Tesla has started updating its delivery timeline for Model Y and Model 3.

The automaker is now listing 5 to 7 weeks delivery time for new Model 3 orders in the US:

Prior to the factory shutdown, Tesla was listing 4 to 8 weeks for new Model 3 deliveries in the US.

As for the Model Y, new buyers of the electric SUV are going to have to wait a little longer before getting the vehicle.

Tesla updated the Model Y delivery timeline with a new 8 to 12 weeks lead time:

Source: Electrek


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