Tesla’s Shop Now Has A Model Y Section

Tesla’s shop is now selling Model Y accessories online. The Model Y section only has 10 items, but there are some useful or even essential ones in there for new Model Y owners.

The Roadside Safety Kit ($65) is essentially a first aid kit, in case one has the misfortune of being in an accident. It includes several first aid items, such as bandages of various sizes, compression bandages, dressings, gloves, cleansing wipes, a reflective safety vest, a warning triangle, an emergency blanket, and a water-resistant Tesla storage bag.

Three more essentials focus on the tires. There’s the Tire Repair Kit ($80), there are wheel locks ($50), and there’s tire repair sealant ($25). The Tire Repair Kit comes with a bottle of sealant, an air compressor, an inflation needle, tapered nozzle, and a storage bag. Tesla also gives basic instructions on how to use it for those who may not know how to do so:

“In the event of a puncture, simply attach the transparent hose from the top of the kit to the tire valve and connect the plug to your vehicle’s 12V outlet to begin repairing the hole and filling the tire. The SENSOR safety system will electronically check for a secure connection between the sealant hose and tire valve to prevent accidental misuse of the kit.”

Other items in the Tesla Model Y accessory shop include:

For a vehicle that many critics insisted wasn’t coming, I think it’s safe to say that not only is it here, but it isn’t going away. Neither is Tesla. Every time Tesla launches a new product, the critics reply with, “fraud,” or, “not gonna happen” — almost reflexively. It’s oddly reminiscent of those who say “fake news” to everything that is opposite of their opinions (whether factually based or not). Perhaps the ringleaders have brainwashed the $TSLAQ crowd to the extent that they dismiss even the most obvious truths with a simple “fraud” or “it’s fake” without any fact checking.

Either way, Tesla’s success is imminent and it is clear to see that Tesla will be around for many generations.

Source: cleantechnica


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