The Boring Company’s recently-finished Las Vegas tunnels are only the beginning

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Elon Musk has stated that the company’s recently-completed Las Vegas Convention Center tunnels would eventually connect to the city’s hotels and airport. Information from the tunneling startup shows that the tunnel system could eventually stretch as far as Los Angeles, providing a quick, alternative, and sustainable form of transportation for commuters in the area.

Yesterday, Teslarati reported that the Boring Company had officially finished both tunnels for the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop. The system will assist in moving people from one end of the Las Vegas Convention Center to the other.

However, it seems that the project is only the beginning for what could be an expansive tunnel network, after Musk hinted that the tunnels would be expanded from the city’s convention center to the majority of the Las Vegas strip. After the LVCC Loop’s completion, it appears that the Boring Company will be shifting its focus on making the tunnels a city-wide transportation system.

The Boring Co. recognizes the project as the “Vegas Loop.” The company’s website states that the tunnel “will include the LVCC Loop and any future service extensions including those to casinos along the Strip, McCarran International Airport, Allegiant Stadium (home of the new Las Vegas Raiders), downtown Las Vegas, and eventually to Los Angeles.”

The Boring Co. crews were able to complete the twin tunnels of the LVCC Loop quickly, mostly in part to innovations that the company adopted. The first of the two tunnels was completed in February, with the second being finished in mid-May.

The Loop system at the LVCC is designed to transport passengers who are visiting the complex. A typical walk across the Convention Center usually takes around 15 minutes. However, the implementation of the Boring Co. tunnel will eliminate a significant amount of travel time as passengers will be able to get from one end to the other in just two minutes.

Initially, the system will be using Teslas with safety drivers to transport commuters. Eventually, the Teslas used for the tunnel will be autonomous, CEO and President of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Steve Hill says. “Whenever we get to the point where we know that (it’s safe to let the vehicles drive themselves), that’s when we’ll take that step. But there is not a deadline for making that happen,” Hill explained.

Source: Teslarati


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